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Seeking Innovative Perspectives...

The Program Committee for the 2023 Southwest and Rocky Mountain (SWARM) Region Industry Liaison Group (ILG) Conference is seeking speakers who will provide thought leadership on topics in the affirmative action, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), equal employment opportunity (EEO), and employment regulation fields.

The theme for the SWARM ILG Conference is “Compliance and DEI: Welcome to the Rodeo.” With the changing nature of the workplace and the increasing complexities associated with government compliance, this conference intends to provide attendees with tools to strengthen the workforce and better handle compliance issues.

The SWARM ILG Conference expects to present information for all types of attendees. This includes individuals who are new to regulatory compliance and DEI as well as advanced practitioners who have extensive experience with some of the most complex issues in these fields.

We are looking for innovative perspectives from new and established speakers that may be of value to our attendees. We invite presenters who have spoken in front of a national audience as well as presenters who have a unique voice to add to our conference. Representatives of employers are very much welcome to submit a proposal to present.

About Our Conference

The Conference will be held at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas from October 17th through October 19th.  Practitioners from business, educational institutions, government and not-for-profit organizations will attend this conference to hear from recognized experts in employment compliance and DEI fields.  We are partnering with the SWARM leadership for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and attendees can expect to hear from representatives of other governmental agencies including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  This conference is being sponsored by the San Antonio ILG and the North Texas ILG, but attendance is open to anyone, and we expect a robust conference of people from across the United States.

Conference Benefits

  1. The Conference will be held in one of the fastest-growing, most vibrant parts of the country.
  2. Individuals who are unable to travel to the National Industry Liaison Group conference will have an opportunity to hear from some of the best speakers on topics presented at that conference.
  3. The Conference will be an excellent venue for sharing information and networking with others working in the affirmative action, DEI, EEO, and regulatory compliance fields.
  4. The Conference will provide presenters with an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in their areas of specialization and interest.
  5. While all speakers must register for the Conference, there is generally no registration fee for speakers. Speakers can attend Conference sessions, participate in Conference meals and attend Conference receptions at no charge. Note, however, there will be a maximum of one (1) complimentary registration per presentation, and all expenses other than Conference registration (hotel, transportation, etc.) will be the responsibility of all speakers.

Conference Sessions

Here is basic information on conference sessions:

  • Conference Sessions will be 75 minutes in length.
  • Sessions will include time for questions and answers.
  • There will be approximately 40 conference sessions.
  • We intend to provide sessions for individuals who are new to the fields of regulatory compliance and DEI, individuals who have had some experience in these fields, and practitioners who are dealing with advanced issues in these fields.
  • Sessions must provide practical takeaways for attendees.

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

If you are interested in presenting at the Conference, please click the “submission form” link at the end of this document.

You may submit multiple proposals; however, in most cases speakers will be selected for one Conference presentation only.

We are seeking innovative, thought-provoking, and practical presentations. You may submit a presentation that was also submitted at the 2023 NILG Conference. We hope to have some of the best of the presentations from the NILG Conference at the SWARM ILG Conference along with new and exciting presentations that will be of value to our attendees.

We will limit the number of presentations from any one organization to ensure the SWARM ILG Conference is providing a diverse array of perspectives.

Presentations that center on the needs and interests of our attendees and that provide practical take-aways are most likely to be chosen. Presentations that appeal to a small group of attendees may be chosen if they provide creative and innovative approaches to difficult issues in the regulatory compliance and DEI fields.

All proposals will be “blind scored” by the Program Committee. This means that content will be scored separately from the presenter. Content in the proposal will be a critical factor in the Program Committee’s deliberations.

Proposal Deadline

Completed proposals MUST be received by no later than end of day on March 21, 2023. Proposals received after 11:59 PM PST on that date will not be considered.

Presentation Length

All presentations will be 75 minutes. Speakers should either allow audience questions during their session or leave time for questions at the end to encourage interactive workshops.

Speaker Protocol


All speakers at the Conference shall have the primary objective of providing materials of educational, developmental, and/or strategic value to Conference attendees.

Each session must have tangible takeaways for attendees.

No Solicitation

Presentations MUST NOT include any overt solicitation on behalf of any individual, vendor, product, or commercial activity.

References to Materials

If speakers refer to any copyrighted materials during their presentations, they must receive approval to include this information in their materials. Speakers are responsible for dealing with all copyright issues.

Speaker Submission Deadlines

Speakers MUST adhere to all submission deadlines set by the Conference Program Committee.

Failure to submit requested materials or meet any submission deadlines will result in a speaker not being selected, revocation of a selected speaker’s complimentary Conference registration fee, and/or revocation of the speaker’s ability to present at the SWARM ILG Conference.

Speaker Cancellation

If a selected speaker cannot attend the Conference, the Conference Program Committee asks for a 60-day notice so that another presenter can fill the speaker’s slot.  The Program Committee reserves the right to replace a speaker with another speaker of the Program Committee’s choosing.  A speaker who needs to cancel should not assume that the speaker has the right or obligation to choose a replacement.

Speaker No-Show

Failure by a speaker to appear at the Conference will mean that the speaker’s session will be cancelled. Speakers may not substitute another speaker without express written consent of the Program Committee or the SWARM ILG Conference chairs.

Speaker Attire

Speakers should adhere to business casual attire.

Speaker Technology

Speakers should be able to use microphones, laptop computers, and other tools required for their presentations.

Special Accommodations

The Conference is sensitive to the needs of speakers who require any type of special accommodations. A request for accommodation will have no negative impact on the selection process.

General Guidelines on Presentations

Expectations of Speakers

  1. Exhibit a high level of professionalism.
  2. Provide all materials by the designated deadlines, including timely submission of all presentation materials.
  3. Begin and end presentations on time and allow time questions during or at the end of presentations.
  4. Make presentations as interactive as possible.
  5. Provide all participants with tangible takeaways.
  6. Use the pre-formatted Conference PowerPoint template.

Multiple Speakers

  1. Speakers: A session may have up to two (2) speakers per presentation.
  2. Panel: A panel may have up to three (3) speakers on the panel plus one (1) moderator.
  3. Additional Speakers: Requests for additional speakers for any session beyond the numbers noted above must be approved in advance by the Program Committee. Authorization for additional people will not affect the maximum number of complimentary registrations, which is capped at one (1) per presentation.

Sales Pitches and Promotional Materials

  1. Speakers are not permitted to make sales pitches or include “commercials” as part of their presentations.
  2. Speakers are required to use the conference provided PowerPoint template for all slides. Speakers are asked to provide their bio at the beginning of the presentation.
  3. Promotional materials may not be handed out or provided to participants as part of any presentation.


  1. CLE credits (including ethics and diversity credits) may be available. Please make the Program Committee aware if you are seeking to provide CLE credits as part of a presentation.
  2. Business Credits for HRCI may be available.
  3. SHRM credits may be available.


Opportunities are available for speakers to be formal Exhibitors at the Conference. If a speaker’s organization is also interested in exhibiting at the Conference, please contact Michael Wade at

PLEASE NOTE:  Exhibitors and sponsors for the SWARM ILG Conference are NOT guaranteed selection for program sessions.  The Program Committee will choose presentations that best meet the needs of conference attendees.  Exhibitors and sponsors should have no expectation of receiving special preference for selection as speakers.

Criteria for Selection of Speakers

We strive to offer presentations that address current and emerging topics in the EEO, affirmative action, regulatory compliance, and DEI fields as well as fundamentals of OFCCP compliance. Speakers should propose topics that will meet the needs and interests of Conference attendees.

We are looking for innovative topics as well as presentations that can speak to the basics of affirmative action, DEI, EEO, ESG, Wage and Hour and other specialized topics.  We welcome practitioners who can provide insights into the challenges, successes, and changes they face in their organizations and communities.

Presentations should include practical, immediately applicable work tools or innovative ideas that give Conference attendees insights into how to cope with ongoing changes in the regulatory environment and in the workplace.

There is no requirement that speakers have presented before at an NILG National Conference, an ILG Regional Conference, or at any particular venue. We welcome newcomers! Our goal is to find the most effective speakers who can provide interesting, thought-provoking, valuable information to attendees.

The Program Committee will select speakers for the Conference based on the speaker’s presentation abstract, the importance of the subject matter, and the value that the content may bring to the Conference. The Program Committee intends to provide a variety of speakers and topics to enhance the Conference program and, as a result, may limit the speaking opportunities for individual presenters.

Participation in Conference planning or acting as a sponsor or exhibitor DOES NOT guarantee selection as a speaker.  We encourage organizations to participate in Conference planning and to support the Conference, but the Program Committee will not give preference to persons or organizations that participate in planning or supporting this Conference.

The Conference will notify selected speakers by March 31, 2023. The Program Committee reserves the right to select all speakers for the Conference and to withdraw offers to speak at the Conference.

The regulatory compliance and DEI worlds are fast-moving and constantly evolving.  Should major events occur between the time that speakers are selected, and the Conference occurs, speakers may be asked to change topics to address these major events.  The Program Committee reserves the right to ask speakers to change topics to provide the best program for attendees.


Information Needed for Proposal

Interested presenters will need to provide the information on the Submission Form.


Entering your Submission

Please click on the link COMPLETE ONLINE CALL FOR PRESENTERS FORM below to complete your submission. We will be accepting submissions until March 21, 2023.

Presenter/Panelist #1

  • Presenter Name (Last, First)
  • Business Title
  • Presenter Company/Organization Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

Presenter/Panelist #2 (if applicable)

Enter the same information as requested for Presenter/Panelist #1

Panelist #3 (if applicable)

Enter the same of information as requested for Panelist #1

Moderator (if applicable)

Enter the same information as requested for Panelist #1

Presentation Details

All Presentation Content Fields are mandatory submission fields. If a Presentation Content Field is not fully completed the submission will not be considered.

  • Indicate if the proposal is for a presentation or panel discussion
  • Provide a Presentation Title that is short and attention-drawing
  • Submit an Abstract of up to 75 words describing the presentation. This abstract will be included in the Conference program materials provided to attendees.
    • The abstract must include at least three (3) learning objectives.
  • Indicate if the presentation should be considered for the following course credits:
    • HRCI Business Credits
    • CLE Diversity, Ethics or Civility Credits
    • General Credit Only
  • Include a biography of up to 100 words for each presenter. (Please note that the biography will NOT be considered together with the other items above when presentations are being selected.) The biography should include the following:
    • Name
    • Job title
    • Employer
    • Background on the presenter
    • Whether the presenter is a member of an ILG

As a reminder, all proposals will be “blind scored” by the Program Committee. Content will be scored separately from speaker credentials. As a result, content in the proposal is critical in the scoring process.


I certify that all the information provided is correct and I authorize the SWARM ILG Conference to use this proposal and all information contained herein for the purposes of review and consideration for selection as a Conference presenter. I acknowledge that I have read all instructions and will adhere to all deadlines, including submission of materials, if my proposal is selected. I agree that I will provide my presentation to the SWARM ILG Conference no later than March 21, 2023. I acknowledge that failure to timely submit materials may result in revocation of my complimentary conference registration and/or revocation of any offer to present at the SWARM ILG Conference.

Name ___________________________________

Date ____________________________________

Contact Information for Assistance

Information, questions, or concerns about the speaker protocol, please contact the Program Committee at